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Construction Management Internships

For Employers: Thanks for your trust and interest in our internship program and hiring students from one of the nation’s largest Construction Management programs. Click here to post your job announcements. Job postings will be shared with students/alumni through our email list and/or the alumni network.


Successful completion of an approved internship including the associated course CNST3185 is a graduation requirement. The internship program complements classroom learning by exposing students to various construction management functions in real-life projects. Students must complete a minimum amount of verifiable work experience as detailed below prior to enrollment in the internship course (CNST 3185).

Interim Internship Requirements

Prior to start an internship, students must obtain pre-approval from the CM program. Working on an internship without proper pre-approval will result in denying the request to enroll in CNST 3185. Please see details about the pre-approval in the internship enrollment procedure section below. The following internship requirements are valid until December 31, 2022. If there is any anticipated change after such date, students will be informed.

  • Employer. Students must work with a general contractor, subcontractor, architecture/engineering firm, developer, or owner organization/public agency involved in commercial, industrial, heavy civil, or residential construction.
  • Job/Intern duty: Student must work on a duty closely related to construction project management, such as supervisory field operations (e.g. field engineer, superintendent, project coordinator, and assistant construction/project manager), project controls (i.e., estimating, cost control, planning and scheduling), or specialist work (e.g. contract, quality, safety management, and surveying)
  • Duration: Student must complete 400 hours of approved work experience.
  • CNST 3185 course prerequisite: CNST 3185 is for students, after completion of their above internship, to document learning from the work experience in a formal report, where technical quality and written communication skill are also assessed. In addition to meeting the above internship requirements, student must satisfy CNST3185 prerequisite before enrollment, i.e. C or better in CNST2351 Estimating I. More details about this course can be found on the course syllabus.

Internship & Enrollment Procedure

  1. Prior to starting an internship, obtaining pre-approval: Student must submit an Internship Pre-approval Request (log in name YourCougarnetID [at] (YourCougarnetID[at]cougarnet[dot]uh[dot]edu) and use your Cougarnet password) to have his/her internship employer and job approved by the CM program prior to starting an internship. (If you have started an internship/work experience, please still submit this pre-approval request). All approval communication will be through student’s official email, access it here.
  2. During the internship: Student must complete a minimum of 400 hours of qualifying internship work. During the internship, student shall collect and document necessary information considering the deliverables required in CNST3185, please see the syllabus for details.
  3. Internship evaluation & course prerequisite: Once the above approved internship work has been completed, to be eligible to enroll in CNST3185 to earn the internship credit, student must also meet all of the following requirements:
    1. Student must complete the prerequisite requirement of CNST3185, i.e. C or better in CNST2351 Estimating I.
    2. Student must submit the Enrollment Request Form to initiate intern performance evaluation by his/her supervisor. Evaluation results must be submitted by the supervisor no later than June 1 for summer semester enrollment, July 31 for fall semester enrollment, and December 31 for spring semester enrollment.
  4. CNST3185 enrollment: Once the above requirements are all met and the intern performance evaluation result is satisfactory, students will be notified by the CM program about how to enroll themselves to CNST3185.
  5. CNST3185 completion: Once enrolled in CNST3185, student prepares and completes the internship report, where technical quality and written communication skill are assessed.

Please visit the FAQ page for frequently asked questions and responses.