Administrative Staff

Heidar Malki

Heidar Malki
Senior Associate Dean of the Technology Division
Email malki [at]

Welcome to the Technology Division at the Cullen College of Engineering

Student Success is Our Ultimate Goal

In the CCE Technology Division, ensuring the success of our students is the ultimate goal for our faculty and staff. Among the most important measures are the numbers of students successfully completing their first year, graduating in four years, and securing jobs before or upon graduation.


Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
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Associate Dean for Technology Division Research and Graduate Studies
Email zouridakis [at]

Executive Administrative Assistant

Executive Administrative Assistant
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Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Email acapps [at]
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Email krcrawfo [at]
Graduate Academic Advisor
Email dmdillon [at]
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
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Undergraduate Academic Advisor
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Undergraduate Academic Advisor
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Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Email brice [at]
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
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Undergraduate Academic Advisor
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Assessment and Accreditation

Director of Assessment & Accreditation Services
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Business Operations

Financial Coordinator II
Email crguyanzaldua [at]
Department Business Administrator
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Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships
Email kclement [at]
Department Business Administrator - HR
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Financial Coordinator
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Program Director III
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Career Services and Outreach

Director of Career Services
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Career Counselor II
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Information Technology

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Systems Administrator 1
Email bqbui [at]
User Services Specialist 3
Email jfdeis [at]
User Services Specialist 3
Email jtmann [at]
Assistant Manager User Services Support
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LAN Administrator
Email wvrubit [at]
User Services Specialist 3
Email sttang2 [at]
College Information Services Manager 2
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Instructional Design

Instructional Designer 1
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Instructional Designer 3
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Professional and Certificate Programs

Program Manager
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Student Affairs

Program Manager, Undergraduate Recruitment and Outreach
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Director of Curriculum
Email klfrazier [at]
Executive Director, Student Affairs
Email jmthom26 [at]
Director of Student Success
Email abullock [at]