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TechConnect, now powered by Handshake, is CCE Technology Division’s online career management system, used by 500+ university and 200,000+ employers nationwide. Handshake offers great features allowing employers to:

  • Post jobs to CCE Technology Division and 500+ schools from one dashboard, for free
  • Narrow down potential hires with advanced filtering options
  • Schedule on-campus interviews, register for career fairs, and set up info sessions

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  1. Read our updated University of Houston Recruiting Policy
  2. Login or Create an Account

Note: If you’re new to Handshake and your organization does not yet have a company profile, designate your Account Owner – they will be in charge of managing the company profile.

Visit the Handshake Employer Help Center, or cotcareers [at] (contact CCE Technology Division Career Services) for more information or assistance.

Handshake Help Center Articles 


No! TechConnect is the UH CCE Technology Division’s online career management system. TechConnect is now powered by Handshake officially replacing Symplicity recruiting systems.

Handshake offers many exciting new features that will transform the student and employer experience, including:

  • A single login portal for employers and students
  • Ability for employers to post jobs to CCE Technology Division and 500+ schools from one dashboard
  • Personalized job recommendations based on students’ major, interests, and more
  • Ability to view student projects and portfolios

Handshake offers a thorough article with details and screenshots on How to Create a User Account and How to Join an Existing Company.

How to Leave Your Company and Join a New One

  • Click Profile on the left side navigation bar.
  • Click on the Account tab in the top right corner.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and from there Handshake will ask you to leave your employer and connect to a new one.  

Click Jobs on the left hand navigation bar to view your Active job postings.

How to check if a Job is Posted Correctly (

We have a team of career services staff that handles reviewing and approving all job postings on a weekly basis.

If your request is not completed within this time, please log into Handshake to see if you have notifications or questions about your registration. If you have concerns with your job not being approved please reach out via the comments section within your posting.

Employers are approved more quickly if their profile is complete, the contact information is valid, and their website clearly shows they offer jobs requiring college degrees or career-oriented internships or co-ops.

CCE Technology Division has a rigorous approval process and high standards for employers and jobs presented to our students in Handshake. Your trust score, website, email, and physical address are all reviewed to ensure the information is accurate. We also only accept positions that require the student to be degree seeking. These are just a few of the standards that must be met to be approved to recruit with our students.

If you have concerns with your job not being approved please reach out via the comments section within your posting.  

Employer Recruiting Policies

CCE Technology Division Career Services adheres to the standards established for employer recruiting by UH University Career Services.  Should you have any issues or concerns with these policies, please reach out to