Career Services

We’ve Moved to the Cullen College of Engineering.
What’s Changing?
  • Technology Career Services is now a part of the Engineering Career Center to better support students with their career journey
  • eCONNECTION (not Tech Connect) will be the career management portal for you to view career resources, upload your resume, apply to open positions, schedule counseling appointments, register for career development events and more!   
  • Spring 2023 Tech graduates will have access to eCONNECTION for up to one semester after graduation.
  • You will still be able to view general jobs posted in Handshake.  The positions posted will not be specifically targeted for Technology Division students.
  • Two-day career fair this fall.
  • For Handshake support:
What Do I Need to Do?
  • For those that have an existing Handshake account, add a personal email address to the profile section to avoid a disruption in your account after graduation. Click this link to learn more: Update Your Primary Email Address in Handshake – Handshake Help Center (
  • If you did not have a Handshake account prior to June 1st and would like to explore this resource to supplement eCONNECTION, you may do so by visiting the Handshake website at
  • Beginning June 1st, log into AccessUH to access your eCONNECTION account and begin your career journey.
  • Mark your calendar for the fall career fair taking place on September 13-14, 2023.
How can I Connect with the Engineering Career Center?
  • ecareers [at]