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Internship Requirements FAQs

The following questions and answers help you to understand the interim internship requirements (valid until December 31, 2022) and the enrollment procedure for CNST 3185.

What are the degree requirements regarding internship?

Successful completion of an approved internship including the associated course CNST3185 is a graduation requirement. For detail requirements in regard to employer, intern duty, duration and course prerequisite, please see the requirement section on the internship home page.

When should I start searching for an internship?

We recommend students first complete the six CM major courses in the first and the second years (see the degree plan here). These courses provide students fundamental knowledge typically required for an internship position and allows students to make meaningful contribution to their employer. With completion of those courses, you are encouraged to search and complete internship requirements as early as possible for timely graduation.

I’m a freshman/sophomore CM major student, not yet ready to take the internship, any advice?

Focus on completing your CM freshmen and sophomore level courses. And prepare your resume and plan to start searching for an internship when you are finishing the sophomore CM major courses (e.g. Estimating I), thus have necessary fundamental CM knowledge to obtain a meaningful internship position and ensure a quality learning experience.

I’m currently working on a CM-related job (or just received an offer), what should I do next?

Please submit the Internship Pre-approval Request for a review and approval. See Step 1 in the “Internship & Enrollment Procedure” for details.

How do I know if my employer can be accepted or my intern duty is considered “CM-related”?

Please submit the Internship Pre-approval Request for a review. See Step 1 in the “Internship & Enrollment Procedure” for details.

The current interim internship requirements expire on December 31, 2022, so what will happen after that?

We will re-evaluate the internship market condition with our industry advisory boards in fall 2022, and determine if the interim change end date should be extended or not, and will keep students informed.

Where to search for internship opportunities?

The CM program will continue to share internship/job postings with juniors and seniors. The CM program enjoys support from our industry advisory board member companies, employers, ABC, AGC, and is expanding our marketing effort to local construction community and contractor associations to attract more internship opportunities to UH CM. In addition, as usual, please continue your search through online job posting sites and your network for opportunities. 

Any advice to prepare myself for the search?

Considering the following advices provided by our industry advisory boards: 1) take time to improve your resume, LinkedIn profile, a self-introduction, 2) consider volunteering and even unpaid internship to gain experience, 3) find ways to differentiate yourself from others, e.g. obtaining certification, researching current industry topics/innovative ideas, 4) expand your network, e.g. find an industry mentor. Also, check out our college career services for help.