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Undergraduate Advising Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the Undergraduate Advising page to find the answer.

If you are a current student at UH you may declare a CCE Technology Division major online. You will need to schedule an appointment with an advisor to file an official degree plan.

If you are seeking admission to UH for the first time you may submit your application online and indicate on the application the CCE Technology Division major you intend to declare.

Refer to “Can I still take classes at a community college and transfer them to my degree?”.

Students should speak with their academic advisor before enrolling in courses at another institution. This will depend upon your individual circumstances. Several issues must be taken into consideration before you take a class at the community college with the intention of transferring it to your degree plan.

  1. You can apply a maximum of 66 lower-level (freshmen/sophomore level) transfer hours to your degree.
  2. Consult the Transfer Equivalency Guides for your major to confirm transfer equivalencies.
  3. The last 30 hours for your degree must be completed exclusively in residence at the University of Houston. The last 30 hour count starts from the semester AFTER the one in which you complete your last transfer course.
    • For example, if you take an applicable transfer course during a summer semester, the last 30 hour count will begin with the fall and you must complete at least 30 hours in residence at UH starting from the fall.
  4. You must complete at least 36 hours of advanced (3000-4000) level coursework for your degree. If you intend to transfer a class that satisfies a 3000-4000 level class on your degree plan you must confirm that you will complete your degree with at least 36 advanced hours. Lower-level transfer hours will not count toward advanced hour requirements even if they are approved to satisfy an advanced level requirement.

If you do not know how many transfer classes you have applied to your degree plan, where you stand in reference to the last 30 hours rule or the advanced hour requirements then you should schedule an appointment with an advisor to verify this information.

A graduation check is a thorough review of your degree plan to confirm the remaining coursework and hours required to complete your degree. During a graduation check the advisor will look at the following items:

  1. Update your degree plan for the current semester and confirm that all previous credits have been correctly applied to your degree plan.
  2. Confirm that all transfer work has been evaluated and posted to your official UH records.
  3. Confirm that no more than 66 transfer hours have been applied to your degree.
  4. Confirm that you are on track to complete your degree requirements with a cumulative UH GPA of at least 2.0.
  5. Confirm that you are on track to complete your major requirements with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.
  6. Confirm that you have completed or are on track to complete individual major requirements with the required GPA.
  7. Confirm that all petitions have been resolved.
  8. Confirm that you are on track to complete 36 advanced hours.
  9. Confirm that you are on track to complete the minimum number of hours required for your degree.
  10. Confirm that you are on track to complete your final 30 hours in residence.

CCE Technology Division Advising recommends that you see an advisor for a graduation check before the enrollment period begins for your final semester.

To schedule an appointment for a graduation check please call CCE Technology Division Advising at 713-743-4100. A graduation check cannot be completed during a walk-in advising session.

If you have not been enrolled at UH for a period exceeding 13 months then you will have to re-apply for admission. Visit the UH re-application process for former students page and pay particular attention to the application deadlines. If you are approved for readmission you will have to return under the terms of the degree plan for your major that are in effect the semester when you return.

If you have been enrolled at UH within the last 13 months you do not have to re-apply for admission. However, it would be wise to schedule an appointment with your advisor to update your degree plan and review your schedule options for the semester you return.

If your cumulative UH GPA falls below 2.0 then you will be placed on academic probation. If your semester GPA falls below 2.0 while you are on academic probation then you will be placed on academic suspension.

The CCE Technology Division is very concerned about students who are placed on academic probation and we want to help students avoid academic suspension and facilitate a quick return to good academic standing. Toward this end, we require all College of Technology majors who are on academic probation to consult an advisor every semester while they are on academic probation.

A stop will be placed on the account of all CCE Technology Division probation students during the middle of each fall and spring semester. The stop will be removed once the student completes an in-progress grade report and reviews it with an advisor during a mid-semester conference.

In addition to discussing the students academic progress, advisors will make students aware of university resources which exist to assist them in returning to good academic standing.

Transfer credit that does not automatically apply to your degree plan may be petitioned for placement if the content of the transfer credit in question is similar in content to the requirements of a class on your degree plan.

Always check with your advisor before submitting a petition for transfer credit to determine if the petition is necessary and appropriate. An advisor's recommendation to submit a petition does not imply that the petition will be approved but rather that the credit requires further review to determine if it is an acceptable substitution for a degree requirement.

Please follow these guidelines when submitting a petition for transfer credit:

  1. Fill out the undergraduate transfer petition form.
  2. Attach the following documents to the petition:
    1. Your transfer credit summary (available through your myUH account).
    2. Course description from the institution where you received credit for the transfer course.
    3. Course syllabus from the institution where you received credit for the transfer course.
  3. CCE Technology Division majors may submit the petition and supporting documents to their assigned advisor.

CCE Technology Division Advising will send the petition to the appropriate department or college for evaluation.

If you have filed a degree plan with your advisor and your transfer credit (if any) has been evaluated then all the tools that you need to select your classes are available online.

A copy of the degree plan that you filed with your advisor is your worksheet for marking your progress and for planning future semesters. If you do not have a copy of your degree plan you may get a copy of the degree plan from your assigned advisor.

The courses you have completed are reflected in your online UH account and you may update your copy of your degree plan to reflect the requirements you have satisfied.

In planning future semesters you may consult the course sequence available at the web site for your major. The course sequence shows the prerequisites for the courses and if the course is only offered in the spring or fall. Locate your major under the "Programs & Degrees" tab.

An academic advisor cannot place you in a closed class. To be enrolled in a CCE Technology Division closed class you will need the permission of the instructor and the department. A representative of the department will have to place you in the closed class if the instructor approves your admission to the class.

If you receive approval to be admitted to a closed class it is your responsibility to confirm that you are actually enrolled in the class and to make financial arrangements to cover the tuition for the added class. Do not continue to attend a class based upon unconfirmed arrangements made with instructors. If you are not officially enrolled in a class before the 12th class day of the semester then you can not be added to the class even if you continue to attend the class.

If the closed class is outside of the CCE Technology Division you will need to follow the procedure designated by the college and department that offers the class in question.

Please keep in mind that instructors are not obligated to admit you to their closed class.

No. The grades for all attempted classes will factor into the cumulative UH GPA.

Summer graduates participate in the commencement ceremony held in the fall semester. However, transcripts will be updated to reflect the conferral of the degree and diplomas will be mailed to summer graduates in the weeks after the close of the final summer session.