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Degree Requirements

The Core Areas of Digital Media

  • DIGM 1300 Intro to Digital Media
  • DIGM 1350 Graphics for Digital Media
  • DIGM 1376 User Experience (UX) Principles
  • DIGM 2325 Info Tech Apps for Digital Media
  • DIGM 2353 Page Layout & Design
  • DIGM 2357 Content Strategy & Development
  • DIGM 2376 User Experience (UX) Principles 2
  • DIGM 3354 Principles of Video Production
  • DIGM 3357 Social Media Apps & Analytics
  • DIGM 3358 Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • DIGM 4351 Portfolio Development
  • DIGM 4372 Digital Media Production Management
  • DIGM 4379© Transmedia Authoring & Distribution
  • DIGM 4378 Senior Project
  • CIS 3320 Information Visualization

For the official requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media, see the University of Houston Catalog.


Technical Electives

12 Semester Hours

Any DIGM courses not applied to major coursework


Things you need to know:  

  • All DIGM courses are in Sugar Land, SAB1.  
  • DIGM has a strict prerequisite structure.  Courses must be taken in order.  (see chart)
  • Not all DIGM courses are offered every semester.  
  • You are required to have a laptop
  • You are required to have an Adobe subscription
  • DIGM courses have strict policies around transferring from other schools
  • You must take DIGM 1300 before you can declare as a DIGM major.  
  • Always check with your academic advisor.
  • Students must have a minimum of 2.00 in major


Major GPA will be calculated based on the major requirements.

  • 2.00 minimum cumulative grade point average in courses attempted at the University of Houston
  • 36 of the credit hours must be advanced (junior or senior level)
  • Final residency - The last 30 semester hours to be applied toward a bachelor’s degree must be taken in residence at UH
  • 9 advanced credit hours in the department of major in residence at UH
  • 120 hours required for this degree
  • Limit of 66 credit hours in lower-level (1000 and 2000 level) transfer credit toward an undergraduate degree at the University of Houston
  • Students may use no more than two semester hours in physical education activity courses
  • Students must satisfy TSI to graduate


Important Information

Beginning in Fall 2021, declared Digital Media students and declared Graphic Communications Technology, Motion Media, and Tech Package Design minors will be required to have a suitable laptop which is in good working order with the latest software and antivirus updates for their entire period of undergraduate study.

  • Notebook computer (PC or Mac) capable of handling the Adobe Creative Cloud—Graphic Design portion. Here are some example requirements.
  • DSLR Camera capable of still and video capture
  • Student subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Note that precise specifications, which will be updated as technology changes. Computer labs will continue to be available for courses that require specialized software and/or hardware: i.e., most junior and senior courses.