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Digital Media Mission Statement

The University of Houston Digital Media program prepares highly-qualified, sought-after, and technologically-savvy strategists who can expand the effectiveness of their client’s visual communication projects.


Digital Media Definition 

Digital Media is the creative convergence of digital arts, science, technology, and business for human expression, communication, social interaction, and education. This definition, promulgated in 2006 by the Digital Media Alliance Florida, was the organizing principle used in the initial creation of the University of Houston Digital Media Program and is still used as the standard used in assessing everything we do. It is even found on the first page of the textbook (Digital Media: Concepts and Applications) we use for our freshman introductory course (DIGM 1300).  


Digital Media Goals

Using a Transmedia Marketing® approach, Digital Media students will to able to:

  • motivate people to action by
  • producing and distributing
  • integrated and consistent brand experiences
  • across at least three media channels (including print, packaging, motion media, social media, e-media, mobile apps, games, and simulations)
  • each carrying different content
  • to accomplish a unified goal.
  • Transmedia Marketing® techniques employed include storytelling, world-building, and cultivating audience participation and feedback over multiple platforms.

Upon completion of the Digital Media program core, students select five elective courses that can be mixed and matched according to the student’s career goals. These courses cover print media, packaging, motion media, eCommerce, ePublishing, game and simulation design, app design, distribution and supply chain, and coding.

In addition, students choose to complete one of two management-related minors, Technology Leadership and Innovation Management (for those interested in pursuing leadership roles in organizations) or Applied Innovations (for those who would like to pursue strategic planning careers).