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The Digital Media Program — How and Why.

The Digital Media Program prepares you to lead the industry that uses technology "to get the right message to the right person at the right time with the right media." Of course, the "right message" is whatever the client wants us to convey and the right person is whoever is likely to respond to the message. Getting the message out on time with appropriate media is dependent upon the technology available to us at any given moment in time as well as recipient preference.

The business requires people with a broad overview of available technologies to manage the communication process for clients as well as individuals who are deeply conversant with particular areas within digital media. The Digital Media Program addresses both of these requirements.




Offered by the Technology Division at the Cullen College of Engineering at the University of Houston, the Digital Media program explores these areas. As part of the graphic communications cluster of industries, it is a dynamic and ever-changing field ranked among the largest in the United States.

Use your leadership talent to create a communications tapestry by weaving together people and the technologies of print, photography, motion media, social media, and web design. Effective contemporary visual communication requires a mix of communications technologies; still- and motion media, social media, and web sites in addition to printed media.

We prepare highly-qualified, sought-after, and technologically-savvy project managers who exceed the expectations of their clients. Students who enroll in this program will gain competencies in various graphics-related technologies that support the digitization of graphic and text content with a broad background in leadership and supervision. Much of the curriculum is devoted to using digital-media-oriented information technology that impacts the communication workflow.

Graduates from this program land positions of service support in businesses specializing in communication through print, internet, eMedia, social media, and motion media technologies. Service support positions that graduates assume are typically part of the larger sales function of digital media firms and include titles such as customer service representative, estimator, planner, supervisor, and scheduler. For graduates to move into salesperson positions, they generally build upon the skills they have mastered in other service-support positions within digital media firms.

Digital Media (DIGM) courses are offered by the Information Science Technology Department in the University of Houston’s Technology Division at the Cullen College of Engineering. Most classes are offered at the UH Sugar Land campus. The courses cover bitmapped and vector computer graphics, digital photography, videography, animation, transmedia, visual design concepts, pre-media technologies, web design, multimedia technologies, image transferring, and industry trends.

Courses include theory-rich lectures complemented by hands-on and enjoyable activities conducted in our state-of-the-art laboratories on the latest equipment. Each student also completes a senior thesis and internships are encouraged.