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The Digital Media Program

Program Overview

The Digital Media program is characterized by a curriculum which stresses the "producer" and "strategist" aspects of digital media and emphasizes the research/business aspect of the discipline along with its technical and aesthetic aspects. Digital Media is a dynamic and ever-changing field and includes some of the largest industries in the United States.

Digital Media prepares students to succeed as digital media strategists and producers across print, packaging, eMedia, UX, AI/VR, social media, and motion media.

Digital Media is the convergence of art, science, technology, and business.

Research Excellence

CougAR (AR/VR) Lab
The CougAR Lab is unique in that it focuses on augmented reality technologies form a social science perspective, understanding how people utilize emerging technologies in every life.

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UX Lab
The lab aids students, faculty, and community partners in integrating user experience research into their work. Our research-driven approach delivers user-centered design solutions across industries.

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Social Media Health & Inclusivity Lab
Social Media and Inclusive Health Lab (SMIH)
The lab fosters partnerships with interdisciplinary researchers and experts to conduct empirical research to understand the impact of social and communication technologies on the overall well-being of diverse populations.

Alumni Testimonials

Katherine Morales
Katherine Morales
"The program allowed me to adopt my education to my interests and professional goals. It offered a variety of classes, including UX, VR, App Mobile, Transmedia Marketing. The program's flexibility helped me specialized in areas I am passionate about, such as digital marketing."
Phon Dano
Phon Dano
"By enrolling in Digital Media program, I not only gained knowledge in areas of my interest but also developed essential skills to pursue a career as a Digital Media strategist and producer."
Rebecca Castelan
Rebecca Castelan
"Digital Media program teaches how to think. It's not about tools or the medium, but how to tackle problems and solve them that makes this program unique."
Aalia Khazi
Naomi Genova