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Supply Chain and Logistics Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Program Director (Undergraduate) of Supply Chain and Logistics
Instructional Associate Professor
Email mkidd [at]
Program Coordinator (Graduate) of Supply Chain and Logistics
Assistant Professor
Email zbian2 [at]
Instructional Professor
Email dcassler [at]
Associate Professor
Email sasha [at]
Instructional Assistant Professor
Email abhenso3 [at]
Assistant Professor
Email kwang43 [at] Central.UH.EDU

Adjunct Faculty

Email jrblount [at]
Email achopra3 [at]
Email bcrocket [at] Central.UH.EDU
Email sdelliott [at]
Email ehkenned [at] Central.UH.EDU
Email mapoisle [at] Central.UH.EDU
Email jareyes3 [at] Central.UH.EDU
Email gsingh45 [at] Central.UH.EDU
Email jvelarde [at]