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Class Registration

Guidelines for Registration and Withdrawal

Registering for Classes

First time registration is usually completed during the freshman and transfer orientation sessions. Advisors will help students determine what classes they should enroll for in their first semester during these orientation sessions. Once a student consults with their advisor, the student may enroll for classes using the myUH (PeopleSoft) enrollment system.

Students may add and drop courses, check grades, enrollment status, admissions status and financial account status through the PeopleSoft enrollment system. The enrollment system is set up so that students can only enroll for classes during the designated enrollment periods during the semester. Students are assigned specific enrollment periods based upon their classification. Students should consult the registration and academic records home page for all pertinent schedules and deadlines related to enrollment.

Dropping Classes

Beginning with the fall semester 2007, a new policy on dropping courses is in effect. This policy establishes a 6 - 'W' grades limit for all undergraduate students.

The six 'W' grades may be used at any time during a student's undergraduate career at UH to drop a course up through the last day to drop a course or withdraw from all courses deadline. This deadline falls approximately four weeks before the last class day of the fall and spring semesters.

The 'W' may be granted upon the student's written request by the deadline, regardless of whether or not the student is passing the course. Once the 6 'W's have been used however, the student must complete all courses he or she is enrolled in regardless of academic performance.

Students who are enrolled for the first time in CCE Technology Division starting fall 2007 need to be aware of the following:

Effective fall 2007 the Texas Senate Bill 1231 provides that, except for several specific instances of good cause, undergraduate students enrolling as first-time freshmen at a public institution of higher education in fall 2007 or later will be limited to a total of six dropped courses during their entire undergraduate careers. For these students courses dropped at other Texas public institutions will count towards the 6-drop limit.

Full information and FAQ's about this new policy may be found on the Provost Office website.