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Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Science Degrees

The Technology Division at the Cullen College of Engineering offers the following Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees:

  • Biotechnology - Combines biological disciplines like genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, embryology and cell biology with technical disciplines like chemical engineering, information technology, and robotics.
  • Computer Engineering Technology - Builds expertise in of digital circuits, microcomputer architecture and systems design. It also covers software development for these microcomputers that is now so much a part of microcomputer technology.
  • Computer Information Systems - Provides for the needs of a dynamic and integral part of business and industry - the information systems environment, also known as information technology or IT.
  • Construction Management - Provides graduates with knowledge and skills necessary to join the construction industry including construction methods, structural systems, contract administration, specifications, planning, estimating, scheduling, and evaluating project performance.
  • Digital Media - Prepares technologically-savvy leaders for supervisory positions in the digital media industry. Students who enroll in this program will gain competencies in various graphic-related technologies that support the digitization of graphic and text content as well as a broad background in leadership and supervision.
  • Electrical Power Engineering Technology - Design, analyze and improve computer-based power generation, delivery, and end user systems. Study electrical motors and generators and their computer based controls, as well as alternative energy sources.
  • Human Resource Development - Offers studies in training and development, career development, and organization development.
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology - Courses directed at both computer-aided manufacturing and computer-aided design and drafting. Individuals interested in manufacturing technology apply fundamental principles of mechanical design and manufacturing processes to new and existing manufacturing systems.
  • Retailing and Consumer Science - Prepares professionals for fast-paced careers in merchandising, management, and the marketing and sales of consumer goods and services in a variety of settings as diverse as the retail and food industries and the growing service sector.
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Technology - Managing (planning and executing) the flow of materials, their transformation into finished goods, and their ultimate delivery as finished goods to the final buyer.
  • Technology Leadership and Innovation Management - Prepares students to acquire leadership and innovation skills, in a fast-growing tech-driven industry.