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Information for Undergraduate Applicants

CCE Technology Division

This section of our web site covers the academic matters pertaining to undergraduates. This includes information about degrees, majors, minors, online orientation and standard academic procedures like admission, registration and suspension.

Degrees, Majors and Minors

  • Degrees - A list of undergraduate degrees that we offer
  • About Majors and Minors - A description of the policies and procedures for your major or minor
  • Minors - A list of minors offered in our division

Standard Academic Procedures

Additionally, there are some special circumstances that can best be dealt with by talking with an academic advisor. These are in the section on academic advising. If you do not find the guidance that you are looking for in one of these standard procedures and you have consulted the suggestions on when to see an advisor, please feel free to contact an academic advisor for further guidance.