Course Syllabi

Below are sample syllabi reflecting the general nature of CNST courses. All syllabi are subject to change. For online or reserved textbooks and other library resources, please visit CM Library Resources page, and click Textbooks

Undergraduate Syllabi

Course Title PDF
CNST 1301 Construction Materials & Methods
CNST 1315 Project Drawings & Graphics
CNST 1325 Process and Industrial Construction
CNST 1330 Graphics I
CNST 1361 Construction Management I
CNST 2321 Mechanical and Electrical Systems
CNST 2325 Process and Industrial Subsystems
CNST 2341 Construction Documents
CNST 2345 Construction Documents for Capital Projects
CNST 2351 Construction Estimating I
CNST 3155 Construction Materials and Testing
CNST 3185 Construction Experience
CNST 3205 Construction Safety Management
CNST 3210 Safety for Industrial Project
CNST 3301 Construction Equipment & Methods
CNST 3331 Construction Planning and Scheduling
CNST 3351 Construction Estimating II
CNST 3355 Statics and Strength of Materials
CNST 3365 Cost Estimating for Capital Projects
CNST 3372 Soil Mechanics and Foundations
CNST 4265 Construction Layout and Site Development
CNST 4302 Construction Law and Ethics
CNST 4311 Structural Steel & Timber Construction
CNST 4315 Steel Construction
CNST 4331 Construction Management II
CNST 4335 Capital Projects Development
CNST 4341 Project Controls
CNST 4345 Reinforced Concrete Structures
CNST 4381 Reinforced Concrete and Building Codes
CNST 4385 Field Operations for Capital Projects