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What Sets Us Apart

What sets the University of Houston — Technology Division at the Cullen College of Engineering’s Lean Six Sigma program apart from other providers?

The coupling of theory with practice, under the direction and guidance of Dr. Kovach, provides challenging and unique course offerings in Lean Six Sigma training. This program specifically focuses on providing participants with the applied knowledge they need to truly make a difference within their organizations. Some of the stand-out aspects of this program include:

  • Depth of curriculum
    Unlike other programs that may skim the surface with regard to the many tools within the Lean Six Sigma methodology, our program is specifically designed to delve into the details. Our goal is for participants to learn not just what the Lean Six Sigma methodology is and how it should be applied, but also to obtain hands-on experience using the tools while they receive feedback about their performance from expert instructors.
  • Knowledge-base of instructors
    Our program provides participants with highly qualified (Masters and Ph.D. level) instructors to teach and train in the areas they know best. In addition to formal training, our instructors collectively have decades of experience in performance improvement. Because our program operates within a Tier One research university, we are different from consultants. Our program seeks to support community partners by providing training to grow the competitiveness of organizations within the greater Houston metropolitan area and beyond.
  • Experiential learning environment
    While other programs may tend to water down their requirements, our program continues to provide a robust approach to training. One of the flagships of our program is that we encourage each participant to complete a Lean Six Sigma project within their organization in conjunction with their training course. This allows participants additional opportunities to apply what they learn during the course and get feedback about their performance. Time and time again, participants tell us that the inclusion of project work within the class contributes significantly to their understanding and retention of the course material; hence, they are able to successfully apply Lean Six Sigma in future improvement projects within their organizations.