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I liked the materials and the sharing of the deliverables from the other classes because they give you different perspectives.

I like that we did the exercises as a team and then discussed all of them.

I liked how the course took us through, step by step, a chronological order of how a project is developed from start to finish. Also, I liked the fact that the course was taught by someone who has practical world experience in Project Management, and could provide examples and experiences from projects that he has worked on.

I like how the course flowed and how we have all of the material for future review and learning

I liked how much information I learned and I liked that it was hands on.

The course was great I learned so much and can use everything in a work setting.

I really liked using a case study to work thru some of the Project management documents, so that we can visualize better the value of the document.

I really appreciated being given the opportunity to collaborate with others from different industries.

I was able to compare how I've been doing things as a PM for the past 8 year versus how legitimate PMPs manage projects. Quite a difference.

I really enjoyed the real-world scenarios shared by the instructors. It helped to turn terms/definitions into actions.

Overall, a great introductory course. I plan to take the PMP prep course in person!

I liked everything about this course. I appreciate how both instructors are clearly extremely knowledgeable on project management.

The instructors are valuable human resources the campus can count on. I loved to hear their experiences, recommendations, and the passion they have for these topics. I felt truly blessed to learn from their expertise. I’m looking forward to getting more knowledge in the PMP prep class.

Valuable to me was all the shared experience the instructors brought to the table, the information given, the resources provided, and the practices we had.

The instructors had lots of experience and shared real-life examples.

I think all the topics discussed were the correct amounts for this course. Everything was great!

I learned a lot about how project management works this week, and picked up a lot of tools on how to run a project myself. The thing I liked the most about the course was the breakdown of each subject and the plethora of materials to accompany it. It's difficult for me as a kinesthetic learner to just be spoken to and learn that information, I need something to interact with and look back on to really absorb the info, and that's exactly what I got out of the course.

I passed the PMP exam this morning! Thank for such a good class and all tools you provided us.

I was in your PMP class in November and took my PMP exam on the 28th of last month and have passed the exam. Wanted to reach out to you guys and thank you for the class!

The instructors were amazing! The class was one of the best I have taken, including my undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses.