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Degree Plan

Technology Project Management, M.S.

Degree Plan

The degree plan for a Master of Science (MS) in Technology Project Management is designed specifically to prepare individuals with undergraduate degrees in a wide range of disciplines for responsible leadership roles in technology-based and professional workplaces.

The core courses provide in-depth preparation in project management skills. The ability to plan and manage technology projects of all kinds is an increasingly important skill for those working in a variety of industries.

Students who graduate with a master's in Technology Project Management are prepared to fill vital management and supervisory roles in a wide range of industries. Career options will vary depending on the chosen area of emphasis.

Students in the program have reported that they have been able to apply the skills they learn across wide variety of occupations including: Project Manager, Team Lead, Analyst, Process Engineer, Quality Manager, Information Services Manager, Logistics Manager, Finance Manager, Senior Sourcing Specialist, Engagement Manager, Operations Management and Business Development Manager.

These occupations are spread across such diverse industries such as banking/finance, manufacturing and production, merchandising and retail, K-16 education, engineering, architecture, hospital and health services, government, military, telecommunications, non-profits, legal services, public utilities, information technology consulting, energy/oil and gas, construction, and software development.

The STEM designation of this degree recognizes the rigor of the program and provides the added benefit of an extended optional practical training (OPT) time period of an additional 24 months for international students.