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Human Development and Consumer Sciences Graduate Degrees

The Department of Human Development and Consumer Sciences offers the following Master of Science degrees:

Master of Science Foresight

As futurists, Foresight graduates enter an emerging profession that helps clients and employers anticipate significant changes that lie ahead and influence those changes to achieve their long-term goals. Strategists in major corporations have identified these important professional challenges in their work:

  • Challenging strategic assumptions
  • Translating strategy into action
  • Communicating strategy
  • Identifying discontinuous change
  • Adapting strategy to rapid change

The Foresight program at UH addresses these concerns by focusing on anticipating and creating discontinuous and transformational change. Futurists analyze rapid alterations in external environments and use systems thinking to increase the chances of achieving preferred futures.

Master of Science Global Retailing

Do you want to become an inspired creative thinker and leader in an expanding, fast-paced industry? Are you ready to learn new strategies from faculty whose industry partnerships provide a stimulating real world experience? If you have answered yes to both questions, this program is the right match to your interests. Global Retailing uniquely expands opportunities for students to successfully operate and lead retail businesses throughout the international marketplace. With a focus on the dynamics of multi-cultural consumer behavior, retail analytics, profitability and financial models, our program shapes visionaries for a proactive retail workforce flourishing with excellent career opportunities.

Master of Science Human Resource Development

This graduate program is designed for those individuals who want to make a difference in the global world of Human Resource Development (HRD). Students examine e-learning tools; build an understanding of adult learning theory and organization dynamics, practice research and productivity measurement techniques, and gain new insights into career development/talent management. The focus is on critical thinking, understanding theoretical foundations, developing instructional design strategies and using assessment techniques to measure program effectiveness, impact, and continuous quality improvement in diverse organizations. Upon completion, graduates are ready for leadership roles focused on sustaining growth and facilitating change in organizations.

Executive Master of Science Degrees

The Department of Human Development and Consumer Sciences offers the following Executive Master of Science degrees:

Executive Master's in Human Resource Development

The University of Houston Executive Master’s in Human Resource Development is a unique experiential program that teaches participants to lead learning and change that benefits individuals, groups, organizations, and the global community. Designed to empower graduates to leverage and transfer their experiences to their respective organizations and professions, the program is for anyone responsible for learning and change regardless of academic or professional backgrounds. It also applies to those who are expert consultants in their fields.

The Executive M.S. in HRD is a one-year program that includes ten courses, equivalent to three semesters. Courses are delivered via e-learning and face-to-face media using advanced synchronous technology. During the last semester, students complete a one-week international trip.