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Human Development and Consumer Sciences Undergraduate Degrees

The Department of Human Development and Consumer Sciences offers the following Bachelor of Science degrees:

Bachelor of Science Human Resource Development

Students earning a degree in Human Resource Development (HRD) become relationship-focused, problem solvers and key players, who assess, design and deliver solutions for training and performance management. With a comprehensive internship program that places students in highly competitive companies, the UH HRD degree prepares students to be efficient and effective workforce change agents, using advanced technology and web-based delivery systems.

Bachelor of Science Retailing and Consumer Science

The Retailing and Consumer Science degree offers diverse opportunities for students to develop into successful retail professionals. Our students are prepared for a broad range of careers including merchandising, technology entrepreneurship, retailing, e-tailing, sales, customer service, marketing, and public relations. Through our uniquely comprehensive internship program with placements in well-recognized highly competitive companies, students develop into highly qualified employees for a wide variety of industries.