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Master of Science in Human Resource Development

For GRE/GMAT Waiver Eligibility, please review the CCE Technology Division Admissions for more information.

Change. Learning. Performance—Developing Global Leaders

The Master of Science (MS) degree in Human Resource Development (HRD) is designed for the professional who seeks to lead and execute talent development, talent management, and performance strategies in diverse organizations. With a strong emphasis on data and value, students evaluate assumptions, clarify problems or opportunities, and design and execute interventions (e.g. learning strategy, onboarding, process improvement, e-learning, performance evaluations, etc.). Students evaluate the impact and value of these strategies through the lenses of change, learning, and performance.

Here are five challenges organizations face today:

  1. Embedding learning in the flow of work
  2. Addressing learning through the performance lens
  3. Identifying the value and impact of talent-related strategies
  4. Building capability for competitiveness and sustainability
  5. Executing strategies as "change"

The HRD degree addresses these concerns and more, by partnering with companies to create situated learning experiences that unearth the application of theories and concepts. In doing this, students elaborate concepts, transfer learning, gain work experiences and build networks. We strive to retain a timely and meaningful link between academic learning and the work that HRD professionals do in organizations. Please review our advisory board.