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Human Development and Consumer Sciences Pathway Professor

Given the technical nature of many engineering subjects, students may struggle to perform well in some of their courses. Furthermore, not passing a course may delay students’ graduation. Hence, the faculty teaching courses with a history of high failure rates play a critical role in student success with respect to students’ pathway to graduation.

Those appointed to teach these gateway courses were selected by their Department Chair based on their extensive content knowledge and excellent teaching performance. The Dean created the role of “Pathway Professor” to recognize Cullen College of Engineering’s “best in class” instructors that, together, create a community within the college to enhance student learning in gateway courses.

Assistant Professor
Email emrobin2 [at]
Gateway Course(s) HDCS 3376 - Resources in Technology Entrepreneurship
Program Manager/Lecturer
Email bthornto [at]
Gateway Course(s) TECH 1301 - Intro to Data Analytics Tools
Email ksjacobs [at]
Gateway Course(s) HDCS 4380 - Merchandising