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Course Requirements

Master of Science in Supply Chain and Logistics Technology


The following is a list of courses required of all students pursuing the Master of Science in Supply Chain and Logistics Technology. For a complete description of these courses, visit the University of Houston Graduate Catalog.

Required Courses and Electives for Master of Science in Supply Chain and Logistics Technology

Course Required SCLT Core Courses SCH
Thesis/Capstone Project Non-Thesis
SCLT 6314 Measurement & Evaluation of Supply Chain Operations 12 hrs
SCLT 6316 Global Supply Chain Operation
SCLT 6318 Supply Chain Strategies
SCLT 6320 Procurement Strategies
Required TEPM Specialized Courses
TEPM 6301 Project Management Principles 6 hrs
TEPM 6304 Quality Improvement
Required TEPM Electives (Non-Thesis Option Only)
TEPM 6302 Leadership & Team Building 6 hrs
TEPM 6303 Risk Assessment
Approved Electives
TEPM 6302 Leadership & Team Building 6 6 hrs (Not-Applicable)
TEPM 6303 Risk Assessment
SCLT 6396 Internship in Logistics 6 hrs
SCLT 6397 Selected Topics
ECON 6352 Quantitative Methods & Applications
INDE 6326 Database Systems and Information Management
INDE 6333 Probability and Statistics For Engineers
INDE 6363 Statistical Process Control
INDE 6364 Experimental Design and Regression
INDE 6370 Digital Simulation
STAT 7350 Probability Model and Applications
STAT 7351 Forecasting Models
CIS 6315 Advanced Information Systems Applications
CIS 6322 Secure Enterprise Computing
CIS 6324 Information Systems Security Risk Analysis
CIS 6380 Strategic Planning for Technology
CIS 6321 Principles of Information Systems Security
CIS 6322 Secure Enterprise Computing
Research Courses
SCLT 6399 Master Thesis I 6 hrs
SCLT 6399 Master Thesis II
TEPM 6391 Project Management Seminar
TEPM 6395 Integration Project
Total 30 30

Please Consider When Choosing Electives

Students are responsible for ensuring that they meet all course pre-requisites prior to enrollment. Failure to meet course requirements may result in students being dropped from courses without a refund.

Courses taken outside the Technology Division at the Cullen College of Engineering may require assistance registering. Please contact the department offering the course for permission to enroll.

Some courses are highly technical and may require academic leveling. Please consult with the Faculty Advisor prior to registering.

No more than 12 credits earned outside of the CM department (CNST, SCLT or TEPM) may be applied towards a degree plan. If your directed area of study is outside of the department and you would like to take electives outside the department, you will need to submit:

General Petition to request more than 12 credits be taken outside the department and identify the courses taken outside the department on the petition.

Submit a copy of your degree plan with the petition