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Course Sequence

Master of Science in Human Resource Development

Recommended Course Sequence

The following list is a recommended course sequence for students in the Human Resource Development (HRD) program. All HRD courses offered are noted. Course numbers in italics are the suggested sequence for students entering in the Fall or Spring semester.

Regardless of entry point, HRD students would be able to take up to three foundational courses their first semester in the program. These "entry" courses provide students with a firm grounding in the conceptual areas of HRD. The HRD faculty suggests taking courses in the recommended sequence; however, no student will be required to take their courses in this order.

For students entering in Fall (courses in italics are recommended to be taken together):

Fall 1 Spring 1 Summer 1 Fall 2
HRD 6305HRD 6352, Elective (HRD 6356) HRD 6301HRD 6353HRD 6302HRD 6303, Elective HRD 6300Electives (HRD 6354HRD 6310) HRD 6304Elective (HRD 6356), HRD 6305HRD 6352

For students entering in Spring (courses in italics are recommended to be taken together):

Spring 1 Summer 1 Fall 1 Spring 2
HRD 6301HRD 6353HRD 6302HRD 6303, Elective HDCS 6300Electives (HRD 6310other) HRD 6305HRD 6352HRD 6304, Elective (HRD 6356) HRD 6302HRD 6303ElectiveHRD 6301HRD 6304HRD 6353

Note: The recommended courses are based on taking 3 or more courses; however, students taking fewer than 3 courses per term are encouraged to take the recommended courses together and/or in the recommended order.

Note: HRD 6304 (Research) is an entry course that focuses on developing graduate-level research skills: locating research, identifying research specific to HRD, reviewing, critiquing, and synthesizing research, identifying valid research (validity and reliability) results, and using APA in writing reports.

Note: Suggested electives are in ( ).

Courses Titles

  • HDCS 6300 - Quantitative and Statistical Methods for Human Resource Development
  • HRD 6301 - Leadership Development in HRD
  • HRD 6302 - Design and Management of E-Learning
  • HRD 6303 - Assessment and Evaluation in Human Resource Development
  • HRD 6304 - Research in Human Resource Development
  • HRD 6305 - Organizational Learning and Performance
  • HRD 6310 - Career Information for Global and Technological Change (elective)
  • HRD 6352 - Instructional Design for the Training Environment
  • HRD 6353 - Methods of Adult Learning
  • HRD 6354 - Facilitating Group Processes (elective)
  • HRD 6356 - Consulting and Professional Practice (elective)
  • HRD 6198/6298/6398 - Special Problems in Human Resource Development
  • HRD 6397 - Special Topics in HRD
  • HRD 6399 - Master’s Thesis

Course descriptions may be found at the University of Houston Graduate Course Catalog.