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Lauren R. James The University of Houston’s Human Resources Development Program was life-changing and I continue to draw on the practical application and theories that we explored. A unique and distinguishing factor is the broad network that professors within the program have with organizations throughout the Houston area and beyond. One of my professors was gracious enough to recommend me for internship opportunities as I completed the program, which allowed me to expand my knowledge of the field. Those internships provided invaluable experience that I was able to leverage as I applied for positions upon graduation. The world-class professors made the HRD program an unforgettable experience for me; they bring the content to life, challenge you to expand your thinking, and genuinely aim to see you succeed within the program and well after. Without a doubt, I would not be where I am in my career today without the mentorship and opportunities that were afforded to me through the University of Houston’s MS in Human Resources Development program.

— Lauren R. James, Sr. Talent Management Advisor, Federal Reserve Board, Class of 2013

Sehar JavedWhen the time came to pursue a graduate degree in Human Resource Development, I was presented with many choices. However, only one graduate degree program in Texas stood out for me, the University of Houston’s Human Resource Development program. Not only has the program, but the professors have enabled me, coached me, and have provided a platform to enhance my knowledge and understandings of Human Resource Development. Textbooks teach you theory but professors, who are approachable, successful and are willing to share their knowledge, network, practical experiences, time and energy push to maximize student potential and provide the much-needed foundation. In this program, I was provided the chance to put the theories and other learnings into practical experience(s) with real time projects. The results speak for themselves. Today, I have the confidence and competitive advantage over many with my UH degree. This achievement has not only made many professional prospects into real time opportunities but also along the way, I have gained great friendships.

—Sehar Javed, Technical Training Consultant, CenterPoint Energy
Class of 2019

Theresa Kialoa This program has been a life changer for me and has challenged me in ways that have led to tremendous growth not just professionally but personally as well. I have a passion for talent and leadership development, and this program has given me the tools and resources I need to develop my expertise in this space. The MHRD program at the University of Houston, has helped me to broaden my range of knowledge in organizational design and development, which is essential when enhancing an organization and its people. The richness of this program comes from the fact that the professors are researchers and practitioners, which offers students a real-world perspective on how to effectively put theory into practice. I have been able to immediately apply the knowledge I gain to the work that I do every day; further solidifying my expertise as an HR Consultant. I am most grateful for the connections and friendships I have made in the MHRD program with my professors and fellow students, for these connections are invaluable to me.

— Theresa Kialoa, HR Consultant, DNV GL
Class of 2019

Alejandro CastilloAs an international student from Bogota, Colombia, I was looking for an HRD program with strong connections to the corporate world. The University of Houston exceeded my expectation and in my first year, was recommended by one of my professors for an internship at a globally recognized company. It has been nearly six years at Aggreko, and my internship has progressed to full employment as an Instructional Designer with exposure to a wealth of varying projects, new products, and technologies, as well as the opportunity to work with people at all levels of the business. The Human Resource Development program at the University of Houston has successfully proven that its integration of a strategic perspective allows graduates to develop critically creative thinking, evolving their ability to build learner-centric solutions within complex learning environments and create bespoke proposals for any business requirement

— Alejandro Castillo, Training Specialist, Aggreko
Class of 2014

Jessie CutlerIf I had to do this again, without a doubt I would choose to earn a master’s degree in HRD at the University of Houston. The program provided me with the right balance of theoretical concepts, application of knowledge through projects, and a toolbox to take with me in my career. Students should expect the rigor and commitment that is required of a graduate program, but the flexibility in how the program is designed has allowed me to continue my career and complete the program requirements in a timely manner. The HRD program has been an important investment in my career and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to differentiate themselves in the field and to take their knowledge to the next level.

— Jessie Cutler, Head of Learning, Jiffy Lube
Class of 2013

Amir BarFor me, the HRD program was significant for the following reasons. First, the combination of instructional design and organizational development gave me tangible skills that my company values. Second, the program was an excellent transition to a new career. I was able to do two internships during the program, which gave me a way to practice what I learned and help me build my resume. Third, I was able to take electives both at the education school and at the Foresight program. Those helped me to expand my education beyond the HRD program and learn other critical skills. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to develop their career and gain tools and knowledge that can be applied at the workplace from day one.

— Amir Bar, Instructional Design & Learning Product Development, Halliburton
Class of 2013

Wilfred D. BrownI chose the MS in HRD program at the University of Houston because of the outstanding professors. The professors in the program offered immense academic insights on the field of HRD, as well as, an extraordinary amount of industry experience and connections. Through the diligent guidance and mentorship offered by the program’s professors, I was able to get out of my shell, learn the skills I would need in the industry, and succeed academically. I left the MS in HRD program prepared with the business acumen and knowledge to succeed. As a direct result of the knowledge and skills I learned in the program, I was able to succeed as both an external human capital consultant (Wood Group & Deloitte Consulting LLP) and as a trusted internal HRD advisor (Hewlett Packard Enterprise). I owe much of my current success to the guidance, tutelage, and academic rigor, I received from studying at the University of Houston's MS in HRD program.

— Wilfred D. Brown, Certifications Solution Architect Data Center Infrastructure Group, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Class 0f 2012

Chantelle NashThe HRD program provided me with all the skills I was looking for to become a truly impactful learning and development professional. The multidisciplinary approach, ranging from organization development and leadership principles to adult learning and instructional design, helped me develop a well-rounded foundation that has enabled me to contribute to my organization and teams in many valuable ways.

— Chantelle Nash, Program Manager, Digital Learning and Engagement, GE
Class of 2012

Lycell NatividadYour network is your power, and I have the HRD graduate program to thank for the key network connections that have helped catapult my career. The professors are excellent at bridging academia with real-world scenarios, and the projects involved are great at introducing you to practitioners in the industry. In fact, it was a professor in the program that connected me to my very first role in instructional design. It's been six years since graduation, and I'm now a Senior Director in the O&G industry - it's a role where I still use my key takeaways from the HRD program. I highly recommend the MS in HRD to anyone seeking to advance their career in any industry.

—Lycell Natividad, Senior Director, HR Technology & Learning, TEAM Industrial Services
Class of 2012

Brad StokerI chose the MS in HRD because it had a great mix of e-learning coursework and in-person classroom instruction with classmates. The professors have great relationships with large companies in Houston, which allows many students to get an opportunity with these companies. The professors also did a terrific job of transferring their vast knowledge to the students, which empowered us to be successful in our HRD roles. Obtaining the MS in HRD was one of the biggest challenges and also one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

— Brad Stoker Supervisor, Safety Analytics & Optimization, CenterPoint Energy,
Class of 2012

Robert QuillenInitially I was drawn to the HRD program at the University of Houston for the smaller class sizes and quality of faculty and staff. However, I am still impressed with the quality of education that I received, even to this day! One of the most valuable aspects of this program is that it is current on many of the learning and OD challenges seen in organizations, but also provides the tools, working knowledge, and experiences to be successful. I strongly recommend it for anyone looking for a disciplined learner-centric program that offers a great amount of flexibility of work and school life balance.

— Robert Quillen, Technical Development Supervisor, Schlumberger
Class of 2011

Mohammed AlahmedThe HRD Program was a major milestone in my career. Although, I had to make a hard choice at first between the University of Houston, and another “higher ranked” school, I never felt more blessed to have made the right choice by joining the University of Houston. The program was based on real-time cases and directly connected to business and industry. This program opened the door to my success. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to have a strong and exceptional base in the field of HR.

— Mohammed Alahmed, Human Resources Policies and Planning — OPEC FUND for International Development (OFID), Former President of SSHRD
Class of 2010

Trupti GodboleAs an international student, I was looking for a degree that would enable me to expand my knowledge and skills in the field of human resources. The master’s degree program in human resource development at U of H was exactly what I was looking for. What stood out at first glance was the overall goal and degree plan. Not only has this degree been instrumental in laying the foundation of my career, it also introduced me to the various facets of HRD as an area of study and practice. I actively use the knowledge, tools, techniques, and resources gained through this degree in both my professional and personal spaces. The faculty brings in enormous knowledge and experience along with their commitment toward the success of the students.

— Trupti Godbole, Competency Manager, Cameron, a Schlumberger company
Class of 2010

Maya NairThe human resource development program at University of Houston has been one of the most enriching experiences that I have had. The program is grounded in the realism of industry and encourages the application of several innovative tool and techniques to deliver “fit for purpose” learning or organizational development interventions. I firmly believe that the program has enabled me to reexamine several aspects of my work, making the end product more aligned and sustainable. The connection of all learning to work and life made it very applicable and easy to retain. The professors are an excellent team that believe in continual learning and application. The mentoring and coaching that is provided is also valuable. In short, it is an amazing and rewarding experience.

— Maya Nair Global Competency Coordinator (GCC) & Curriculum Development Lead – Sperry, Halliburton
Class of 2010