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Human Resource Development Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Program Director of Human Resource Development
Email cwaight [at]
Program Coordinator of Human Resource Development Undergraduate Program
Assistant Professor
Email twgreer [at]
Program Coordinator of Human Resource Development Graduate Program
Assistant Professor
Email mshirmoh [at]
Assistant Professor
Email mtedwar4 [at]
Instructional Assistant Professor
Email dpolesello [at]

Adjunct Faculty

Email lbennet5 [at]
Texas A&M University
Email mchakrab [at]
Email jpclanc2 [at]
Gulf States Toyota
Email ladelgra [at]
Email tdoss [at]
Email wtforney [at]
Email ehampto2 [at]
Email bhlandere [at]
Email tkjerfve [at] Central.UH.EDU
Email jplopez7 [at]
Email mnair [at]
Email tshepard [at]
Email mjpereir [at]
Email requiro2 [at] Central.UH.EDU
Email harainbo [at] Central.UH.EDU
Email lmsalomo [at]
Email kshakir [at]