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Career Opportunities

Human Resource Development


The average salary in 2014 according to Training magazine was $80,259 for individuals with a Bachelor's degree. Additionally, the average training salary rose 3.4 percent to $81,334 in 2013-2014.

Some of the positions that our graduates qualify for include:

  • Instructional Designer: identifies needs of the learner, develops and designs appropriate learning programs, and prepares materials and other learning aids. Outputs include program objectives, lesson plans, and intervention strategies.
  • Instructor/Facilitator: presents materials and leads and facilitates structured learning experiences. Outputs include the selection of appropriate instructional methods and techniques and the actual HRD program itself.
  • Program Evaluator: assesses HRD practices and programs using appropriate statistical procedures to determine their overall effectiveness and communicates the results to the organization. Outputs include research designs, research findings recommendations, and reports.
  • Performance Consultant (or Coach): advises line management on appropriate interventions designed to improve individual and group performance. Outputs include intervention strategies, coaching design, and implementation.
  • E-Learning Consultant: advises management on design and implementation of e-learning programs. Outputs include selection of appropriate courses, design, and implementation.
  • Program Designer: assists HR management in the design and development of HR systems that affect organization performance. Outputs include HR program designs, intervention strategies, and implementation of HR programs
  • Individual Development and Career Counselor: assists individual employees in assessing their competences and goals in order to develop a realistic career plan. Outputs include individual assessment sessions, workshop facilitation, and career guidance.
  • Organization Change Agent: advises management in the design and implementation of change strategies used in transforming organizations. Outputs include more efficient work teams, quality management, intervention strategies, implementation, and change reports.
  • Organization Design Consultant: advises management on work systems design and the efficient use of human resources. Outputs include intervention strategies, alternative work designs, and implementation.
  • HR Strategic Advisor: Consults strategic decision-makers on HRD issues that directly affect the articulation of organization strategies and performance goals. Outputs include HR strategic plans and strategic planning education and training programs.