Engineering Technology Accelerated Program

Master in Biotechnology Degree


Eligibility and Application Process
(effective as of Fall 2018)

  1. Junior standing and completion of 30 semester hours of CoT course work
  2. Minimum 3.0 GPA over all course work
  3. Minimum 3.25 GPA over all Technology Division at the Cullen College of Engineering course work
  4. Recommendation from the BTEC undergraduate advisor and completion
  5. of interview by appointment with the BTEC graduate advisor
  6. Approval from the BTEC undergraduate and graduate program coordinators

The six graduate level credits below can count toward a 30-hour BTEC graduate degree.
Students enrolled in the accelerated program must complete the graduate application and be admitted by the graduate school before beginning their official graduate studies.

Undergraduate Course Equivalent Graduate Course Equivalent
Undergraduate advanced elective of student’s choice (3 h) BTEC 6303 – Protein Engineering (3 h)
BTEC 4300 – Principles of Bioinformatics (3 h) BTEC 6304 – Computational Methods in Biotechnology (3h)