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Retailing and Consumer Science Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Program Coordinator of Retailing and Consumer Science Undergraduate Program
Assistant Professor
Email ojohnson [at]
Program Coordinator of Global Retailing Graduate Program, HDCS Chair
Department Chair
Email bstewart [at]
Associate Professor
Email sezell [at]
Assistant Professor
Email emrobin2 [at]
Assistant Professor
Email dshin5 [at]
Full-Time Lecturer
Email bagatter [at]
Full-Time Lecturer
Email bsmudd [at]

Adjunct Faculty

Email cmhitchm [at]
Email ksjacobs [at]
Email jkelloug [at]
Email kbpalmer [at]
Email ririfai2 [at]
Email lmselzer [at]
Email jstewar5 [at]
Email qstewart [at]
Fast Future Research, Ltd.
Email alwhitti [at]