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Course Requirements

Master of Science in Foresight


This degree plan is an inter-disciplinary, high-tech program that prepares strategic foresight professionals for careers in long-term forecasting and planning. Foresight uses a wide range of theoretical and practical models to examine the sources, patterns and causes of change and stability in order to map probable, plausible and preferable futures.

The following is a list of courses required of all students pursuing the Master of Science in Foresight. Please note this document is accurate for those who enrolled during the Fall 2018 semester. For a complete description of these courses, visit the University of Houston Graduate Catalog.

Course Requirements for the Master of Science in Foresight

Required Courses: 21 semester hours

Domain Courses: Choose six (6) semester hours

  • FORE 6355 - Alternative Perspectives on the Future or Advisor approved elective
  • FORE 6359 - Design Futures or Advisor approved elective

Research Option: Choose three (3) semester hours

All students must receive advising from a Foresight faculty member before filing the degree plan. Contact ahines [at] (Andy Hines) for advising.