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Graduate Certificate in Foresight

Improve Your Career with a Graduate Certificate in Foresight

This program serves both UH degree and non-degree seeking candidates.

The University of Houston's Foresight program offers a four-course (12 credit) Graduate Certificate in Foresight. The courses in the certificate are the same as those offered within the Master's degree in Foresight. Courses are offered online with virtual classes, and the student simply takes four core courses. Upon completion of the certificate, you must submit the application for a certificate along with $150 application fee. At any point, students may apply the certificate courses to complete the Foresight Master's program.

Courses include:

  • FORE 6311: Introduction to Foresight
  • FORE 6351: Futures Research
  • FORE 6333: Systems Thinking
  • FORE 6371: World Futures

(Substitutes are possible with permission)

Admission process:

  • Apply and be admitted to the University of Houston. Admissions information.
  • Participants with 15 or more college credit hours can apply as a transfer student.
  • Students who have already received a bachelor's degree must apply as a pre-graduate.
  • List your major as STFOREGRC.
  • All applications require a fee and submission of official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended.
  • If students are applying for financial aid, the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships may request an advisor to fill out a Pre-Grad certification form. Contact an advisor at 713-743-4100 to sign the form indicating you are pursuing a certificate

Once admitted to the university, students must:

  • Attend the University's mandatory orientation
  • Schedule an appointment with an advisor at 713-743-4100
  • Inform your advisor you are a certificate seeking student.
  • Check the course offerings for the term you intend to start and select the course or courses you want to complete.
  • Enroll for your courses