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Mechanical Engineering Technology Track

Master of Science in Engineering Technology


The Master of Science (MS) in Engineering Technology - Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) Track builds upon our recognized mechanical baccalaureate degree, providing students with the highly developed expertise in design and analysis of mechanical systems. With state-of-the-art teaching and research laboratories, the MS-MET program offers courses and cutting-edge research experience in several applied areas including, instrumentation and measurement, advanced materials, mechanical design, manufacturing, automation, robotics, thermo-fluids, systems integration, oil and gas applications, and energy. Our students come from diverse undergraduate backgrounds including technology, engineering, computer science, mathematics, and the natural sciences.

The MS-MET students have three options:

  1. Thesis option. Under the guidance of a research faculty member, the MS-MET students are encouraged to complete their degree with a thesis. This option is for those who plan to pursue a Ph.D. degree later. In the past, our talented students have received funded Ph.D. admission from recognized universities nationwide and around the world.
  2. Project option. The MS-MET students have the option to replace the thesis with additional class-work and a faculty-mentored project. This option is for those who plan to work in the industry after graduation. The Houston metropolitan area has provided ample job opportunities for our graduate students.
  3. Course-only option. The MS-MET students have the option to complete a master degree with 30 credit hours of regular courses only.

Throughout graduate training, individuals improve oral and written communication skills which helps to position them to be industry leaders in their fields of specialty.

We are also open to accept students who are working part-time or full-time in our local area. We provide flexible course schedule (mostly in the afternoon) and are seeking to add more online/hybrid courses to accommodate the student needs.

Please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator, Dr. Zheng Fan, if you need more information before applying to our graduate program.


Faculty and Research Concentrations

MET professors have broad research interests. Please visit the MET faculty webpages for more details.

MET professors have research collaboration within the department, with other departments (e.g., Mechanical Engineering, Material Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering), with other colleges (e.g., Cullen College of Engineering and College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics), and internationally. The collaboration allows the advisement of Ph.D. and/or Master's level research. Most Ph.D. and MET Master's students are financially supported. If you are interested in Ph.D. level study, you may apply for the Ph.D. program admission at the College of Engineering and in the meantime contact the MET Graduate Program Coordinator for financial aid opportunities.