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College Equipment and Software

Technical Support for Hardware and Standard Software


Support for the equipment and standard software used in the Technology Division at the Cullen College of Engineering normally falls under the responsibility of the information services group, also known as the information technology group. Their responsibility includes the following list of items.

  • Computers in classrooms and labs
  • Computers in use by faculty and staff in the Technology Division at the Cullen College of Engineering
  • Electronic teaching equipment for the classroom, such as projectors, TVs and VCRs
  • Standard software that is installed on college computers. This might include operating systems (e.g., Microsoft Windows), Microsoft Office, programming tools (e.g., Microsoft Visual Studio), Adobe Acrobat, the Java Virtual Machine and other packages that might be useful for teaching and classroom use. These are governed by different licensing schemes, according to the vendor and according to the agreement between the vendor and the college or the University of Houston.
  • Network Infrastructure

Individuals in the information services group can be found on the Staff page under the IT department. Their main administrative office is located in room 105 of the T2 building and other support offices can be found in Room 103 of the T2 building. Support at Sugar Land: The preferred form of technical assistance is to use the online Assistance Request Form. Your request is logged into a tracking system so that the request and its resolution can be tracked by the support team.  Assistance is also available by calling the CoT Help Desk.  Main Campus number is 713-743-4232 and Sugar Land number is 713-743-0206.  You can also email cottech [at] (cottech[at]uh[dot]edu) for help.