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IST Labs

Labs Managed by the Department of Information Science Technology

Technology Division is in the process of moving to Sugar Land. Please contact your instructor for the most up-to-date location

Building Room Type Description
BH2 Room 344 Research Lab The UX Lab
AMG Room 217 Research Lab The CougAR Lab
AMG Room 218 Computer Lab Premedia Lab with Apple Computers
AMG Room 219 Course Lab Packaging/Output Lab
AMG Room 110 Course Lab Image Transfer Lab
SAB1 Room 245 Course Lab Photography/Video Studio
T2 Building Room 100 Computer Lab IST Course & Demo Lab
T2 Building Room 202 Computer Lab IST-IA & TPM-ISS Course Lab
T2 Building Room 228 Research Lab Enterprise Assessment & SCADA Lab
Under Construction (Spring / Summer 2009)