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Our Labs

Lab Facilities in the Technology Division

A Variety of Labs

The Technology Division at the Cullen College of Engineering has several different types of labs to reflect the wide range of subject offerings. The computer labs are used across most disciplines. They provide desktop computers for students to work on homework and to learn and use standard and specialized software for their classes. In addition, each department has its own labs for teaching and research (Construction Management, Engineering Technology, Human Development and Consumer Sciences, Information Science Technology).

Additional labs associated with the Technology Division with their own web sites include the following:

  • The ATT Technology Lab serves as a hub for the international educational and research community to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information.
  • The Biomedical Imaging Lab at the University of Houston fosters research in the areas of Computational Biomedicine, Biomedical Imaging, and Mobile Health. Specific emphasis is given on the interplay between biosignals and information processing in the brain. Another line of research focuses on the development of Point-of-Care and Mobile Health Diagnostic Technologies.
  • The Center for Logistics and Transportation Policy (CLTP) Lab serves as a classroom for professional logistics training.
  • The Construction Management Research Lab's mission is to develop advanced construction technologies and management models to improve the construction quality, productivity and safety.
  • The Engineering Technology department has a lab management site where you can see the latest job postings for graduate assistants, news for ET classes and labs and other pertinent information.
  • The Engineering Technology department has labs for the computer engineering and electrical power programs.
  • The Foresight Activation Lab functions as a development hub for Experimenting, Exploring, and Expanding the University of Houston Foresight Program community. It facilitates continued learning, alumni connection, student growth, and collaborates with both internal and external partnerships.
  • The Instructional Support Services lab provides instructional support services for students and faculty.
  • The Intelligent Sensor Grid and Informatics Lab (ISGRIN) covers research in biomedical sensors and image processing, intelligent systems, distributed sensor networks, digital control systems and mechatronics.
  • The Remote Optical Circuits Lab (ROCK) provides simulation and remote optical equipment acquisition to allow students to study the principles and aspects of Optical Circuits.
  • The Wireless and Optical Networking Laboratory (WON) covers research in optical networking supported by SWB and MCI.