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Sharing Sugar Land with Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher

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Sharing Sugar Land with Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher
Sharing Sugar Land with Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher

Earlier this month, Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher took the time to return home to Texas' Seventh Congressional District and the greater Houston area for several days of constituent connection and collaboration, and stopping in to visit the University of Houston at Sugar Land was one of several meaningful ways she reconnected with her TX-07 community.

In addition to visiting the Sugar Land Veterans' Affairs clinic to pass out thousands of handmade Valentines from TX-07 students, teachers, and residents, and joining a collaborative meeting with Mayor Joe Zimmerman and others at Sugar Land City Hall, Congresswoman Fletcher made her way to UH at Sugar Land to learn more about our innovative, cutting-edge College of Technology and College of Nursing programs.

"In particular, as the energy capital of the world, Houston is home to every segment of the energy sector, from traditional to renewable, and is a hub for energy innovation. Likewise, Houston is home to some of the best health care providers, researchers, and innovators in our country who are important partners in our efforts to improve health care for all Americans."
— Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher, January 2023 Press Release1

As a recently-reappointed member to the House Committee on Energy & Commerce – which concerns business and social issues important to TX-07, including healthcare and energy – and the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, Congresswoman Fletcher's support of the importance of strong Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs for students and their importance in preparing young people for the jobs of the future comes as no surprise. The University of Houston College of Technology has been committed to workforce development, community enrichment, and corporate progress for more than 80 years3. The inventive work and experiences that the Colleges of Technology and Nursing at UH at Sugar Land provide to those in the greater Houston area is yet another example of the power and global potential that sits right in Houston's own backyard.

" …We need the U.S. leading the way to an energy future that is safer, cleaner, and more efficient. To do that, we need big ideas. And there is no better place to find them than here in Houston. When it comes to energy innovation, this is its home."
— Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher, Energy & Environment2

Lest Texas' Seventh Congressional District worry that the everyday concerns might get lost amongst the larger work, last week also marked a major close-to-home milestone for the District's constituents: Congresswoman Fletcher's office reports having officially resolved their 10,000th individual case. Whether it's helping with issues with the Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Customs and Immigration, or simply expediting travel documents like passport renewals, assisting with these seemingly-everyday concerns is an important part of the relationship between a Congressional representative and those they represent. There's no task too big or too small for Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher's team, and the University of Houston looks forward to continuing to work together as our shared goals to keep TX-07 and the greater Houston area a sustainable, technological world leader progress!