10 Tips On How To Save Some Money On Campus

  1. Check out Campus Amenities and Events!

They provide food  and prizes sometimes and it is a good way to get involved on campus. Also, take advantage of $5 Red Fridays at the on campus cafeterias (Just remember to wear red)

  1. Use Your Phone/Computer!

Online orders and apps can get you discounts on foods that you would normally buy on campus. Also, following certain pages/accounts will announce events and specials on campus

  1. Bring Your Lunch and Snacks!

Buy food items in bulk and make your own meals sometimes. There are microwaves on various parts of campus that you can warm up your food

  1. Carry Your Student ID with You!

Inquire and take advantage of student discounts at local retailers and restaurants

  1. Get the Metro Q Card for Students!

Offers discount on all METRO routes, including local bus, METRORail, and Park & Ride and can be an alternative commuting option on various days. BCycle is also another option for short distances

  1. Consider Renting/Borrowing Books or Getting Digital Versions for Class!

Renting/borrowing or digital books can be a cheaper option than buying and won’t clutter your space

  1. Work On Campus!

Find work-study or tutoring opportunities on campus. Think about becoming a Resident Advisor.

  1. Know Your Priority Deadlines!

Submit your FAFSA early. Grants are on a “first-come, first-serve basis” with a limited amount of money to distribute and some scholarships renew each year.

  1. Maintain your Academic Progress!

Meet with your advisor regularly, try to graduate on time and keep a 3.00 GPA or higher to increase your chances of getting scholarships. Look at transfer credit and CLEP options

  1. Look at ALL Your Options!

Apply to multiple scholarships, deliberate wisely between payment/tuition options, compare interest rates on loans, and limit impulsive purchases